Women in Black : India

Inspired by the worldwide Women in Black movement, in March 1993, Asian Woman's Human Rights Council (AWHRC) along with Vimochana initiated the first Women in Black action in Bangalore, India. Since then, women in Bangalore have stood protesting the many forms of violence which are increasingly becoming intrinsic to our everyday realities in our different cultures and communities.

We, women, are breaking the silence and naming the violence. Making public the many forms of personal violence against women - wife battering, dowry deaths, trafficking, sexual assault, rape - unmasking the horrific faces of legitimate violence, state repression, communalism, ethnic cleansing, nationalism, wars. Violence in the name of development , in the name of reproductive technologies, genetic engineering and the feminisation of poverty through silent protest through postcards, pamphlets, placards, lamps and diyas are used as an expression of this collective rebellion and resistance.