Women in Black : International

It began in Tel-Aviv, in Haifa, in Jerusalem Palestine and Israeli Women together, speaking of a homeland for the Palestinians, together protesting the politics of hatred that was wrecking their homes, breaking their lives. The Women in Black Movement then spread to other regions - women standing in Brazil, Philippines, Germany, UK, Nepal, Netherlands; women demonstrating on the streets of Belgrade every Wednesday from the beginning of the war in 1991, women speaking for all nationalities who are victims of rape and torture of the wars, women demanding that war rape be treated as a war crime.

Adopting the methods of the grief stricken Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who walked in the market squares with photographs of their disappeared and dead sons, the Women in Black movement has inspired groups of women in different parts of the world to stand in their own towns and cities, at street corners, in market squares and other public places, dressed in black, silently protesting the many forms of violence which are increasingly becoming intrinsic to their everyday realities in their different cultures and communities.