Courts of Women

Court Of Womens

The Courts of Women are public hearings. They are symbolic spaces sacred spaces where the voices of women victims of violence, of survivors, of resistors are listened to and through the listening attempt to challenge the universality of the human rights discourse with its hegemonic knowledge paradigms that have excluded the visions, wisdoms perspectives and experiences of women. It speaks of a new generation of human rights while challenging the framework of law as the only way to justice and pointing to the inadequacy of existing systems of jurisprudence to address the growing violence against women, the Courts speak of other notions of justice that are moored in different cosmologies and cultures seek a justice of not of revenge, not a retributive justice but a justice of truth, reconciliation and reparation, with healing for individuals, for communities. The Courts of Women not only seek to proffer alternative political institutions and knowledge paradigms that are more relevant for our times but also other notions of history, of power, of other ways to know and be.

It began in Asia through the Asian Women's Human Rights Council (AWHRC) who together with several other women's rights groups across Asia and the Pacific have held several Courts in the region Corinne Kumar who is at present the Secretary General El Taller - an international NGO based in Tunisia has taken the Courts of Women to the other regions of the world - Africa, Arab, Central and Latin America.

Forty four Courts have been held so far on different issues mostly in the global south are in the form of World Courts, regional and several country Courts.

The AWHRC has integrated the spirit of the Women in Black Movement into all the Courts of Women it has held in different countries in Asia. Similarly El Taller, International has done the same in regions of Africa, Latin America and the Arab world. For more information on the vision and perspectives on the Courts of Women and Courts held so far visit,

The Courts of Women are an unfolding of a space, an imaginary a horizon that invites us to think, to feel, to challenge to connect, to dance, to dream. It is an attempt to define a new space for women, and to infuse this space with a new vision, a new politics. It is a gathering of voices and visions of the global south, locating itself in a discourse of dissent it is in itself a dislocating practice, challenging the new world order of globalisation, crossing lines, breaking new ground: listening to the voices and movements in the margins

Corinne Kumar
International Coordinator
Courts of Women

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